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Corporate Packages

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion annually, and that’s just the cost to corporate businesses!
Our corporate packages empower your organisation through specialised training and courses.
Empower Minds

Why Do You Need


you ask?
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Your organisation has a large number of men:

Men are almost 4 times likely to die by suicide than women and they are much less likely to seek support. This leads to them being less productive, struggling in silence and taking days off sick. If you want to support the men in your organisation, this is for you.
(Don’t worry, we won’t exclude women, our programmes are tailored toward men, but have benefits for everyone in the team/organisation).
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You want to proactively protect mental well-being within your organisation:

Prevent issues before they happen, educate your staff/members, empower them and give them affordable group therapy (far more affordable that one to one psychology).
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You want to train staff and are looking for an alternative to the "mental health first aider" course:

We deliver training for your staff provide them with certificates thereafter and we are available for them for 1 year after the course should they require specific advice or have questions. Our certificates are valid for 3 years and gives your staff doctor-designed training to become powerful advocates for mental health within your work place.
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You want to run an education campaign across your business:

We are your partners in providing evidence-based education, support and clinical techniques. The first step to understanding mental health exists as a problem to men who may be oblivious to it, is education. We can empower and educate your organisation and its staff.

Support men’s mental health without breaking the bank

We like our pricing to be clear so there are no surprises for anyone. If you require bespoke corporate mental health support that doesn’t fit with the below, it’s better to email us first at

1 Hour Men's Mental Health Webinar (Online Only)



to anxiety,



managing suicidal thoughts

and more – we run webinars across the breadth of mental health, to suit your organistions needs.

Tailored topics for your employees, we spend several hours before the event to make sure you get absolute value on the day.

We can repeat and hold events as many times as you like through the year.

Upto 100 attendees per session

Mental Health Education Campaign (on-site UK only).

We come to your site and run a campaign with you, being there for your staff for a whole day (6.5 hours), covering mental health issues, talks, information, education, drop-in chat and group therapy sessions. 

We tailor this to your needs and communicate with you in advance of the day.

Included: access to our online modules for 1 year for up to 50 staff.
We cover and educate on tough topics including:



Workplace well-being


How to discuss mental health

and more…

Man "Confident" Training
1 day (on-site UK only).

Empower staff or/and managers with a whole day of dynamic and fun on-site training, to improve corporate well-being and help staff identify issues and advocate for mental health.
Your Man Confident staff will be supported by us for 12 months following training, in answering their questions or advice when seeking support about individuals. 
We have a ‘gimmick free’ policy. Our training will educate and empower and leave your staff confident advocates/supporters.
Certificates will be given to trainees, certified by Man Confidence and valid for 3 years
For up to 15 staff

Group CBT (Online)

Want to give your team dedicated time each month for their mental health?
With groups of upto 15, we offer a  psychotherapist led, monthly group cognitive behavioural therapy for your organisation.
Join online, 1 hour a month for 6 months, fast track employee mental health, mitigating issues before they become serious and require time off work. Empower them to manage their minds with proven psychological therapy.
Much more affordable than one to one  – this is a great preventative option AND useful for those off sick who could benefit from the support.

What happens next?

5 easy steps:

Step one

Choose your corporate package.

Step two

Make payment (or email us at to discuss first if you wish).

Step three

We will contact you within 1 working day to arrange a call (online) to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Step four

Once we know the finer details of your needs, we take care of everything else!

Step five

On the day, you get high quality, morale boosting, education and training for your organisation.

Frequently asked questions.

How will my business benefit from partnering with Man Confidence?

By partnering with Man Confidence, you can expect increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced overall workplace satisfaction. Our resources are purposely designed to promote a healthy work environment and support the success of your business.

We want to work with you, but we need something very bespoke.

Please email us at - we are really keen to help you and your organisation and are very happy to set up a call to discuss your specific needs.
If you need something that doesnt fit into the above packages, just email us!

Do you have a refund policy?

At ManConfidence, we are deeply invested in your satisfaction with our services. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase or encounter any issues, please contact us.

Get The Right Package NOW!

Don’t let the hidden costs of ignoring mental health take a toll on your business/organisation. Safeguard your team with affordable, doctor-led support designed specifically for men, by men. With confidential male mental health support from Man Confidence, your business can benefit from improved job retention, increased productivity, and reduced sick days.

It’s a no-brainer.