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Performance anxiety

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Performance anxiety is the worry about performing sexual intercourse adequately.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection.

It isn’t commonly spoken about, mainly because of the pressures men face when performing sexually or pleasing a partner.

If you experience performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction once or twice, you may not need to worry.

However if the experiences are becoming more frequent or prolonged, there are ways you can seek support.

The first step to understanding performance anxiety is knowing that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Some common causes of performance anxiety include:

Your body will naturally respond to feelings of fear, stress and anxiety and while most potential causes are mental, there may be other contributing factors such as:

Stop the shame

Shift the focus to the cause rather than the symptom. Being unable to perform from time to time doesn’t mean you are unable or inadequate. Focus on what you can control over what you can’t.

Set the scene... and senses.

Distract your mind by stimulating your senses through music, scented candles and alternative lighting. This can help prevent you from overthinking your actions and allow you to relax.

Reduce stressors

There are many reasons why you may be feeling stressed. Stress can be a result of relationship issues, bereavement and overworking.

Understanding your triggers may help you and professionals identify the best treatment.

You can read more about managing stress here.